I'm running for re-election to City Council because I care about protecting our neighborhoods, restoring vibrancy, investing in our transportation infrastructure, supporting our schools and strengthening Menlo Park's financial health.

Protecting our Neighborhoods
Raising a young family in Menlo Park, my wife and I were attracted to this community because of it's trees, parks, schools, and village like character. As a member of the City Council, I will remain committed to protecting our neighborhoods from cut-through traffic and safeguarding our natural environment. I am proud to have been endorsed by the Loma Pieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Creating a Vibrant Downtown
Residents of Menlo Park deserve a Downtown and El Camino Real corridor with first class entertainment and dining, and on Council I will continue to strive to bring vibrancy to our Downtown and El Camino Real. While serving as Mayor, I pushed for an outdoor dining pilot downtown that is now being expanded permanently to seven locations.

Investing in our Transportation Infrastructure

Our transportation infrastructure in Menlo Park is outdated and in need of investment. I will continue to work to update our roadways to end the gridlock on El Camino Real and create safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. While serving on City Council, I worked with the residents of Santa Cruz Avenue to install sidewalks and bike lanes for kids traveling to and from Hillview Middle School. The Dumbarton Bridge Corridor is broken. I will continue to push for regional investment to fix this chokepoint of congestion that backs cars deep into Menlo Park at rush hour.

Supporting Our Schools
I will continue to partner with our schools to provide the very best education to all of Menlo Park's students.  
I am working on a collaboration with our neighboring Cities to support our students in the Ravenswood 
School District. I am grateful to have been endorsed by the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools and 
every elected Elementary School Board Member and High School District Trustee serving the City of Menlo Park.

Strengthening Menlo Park's Financial Health
Our city must become more business friendly to fill retail vacancies. I will work to streamline regulations that unnecessarily burden businesses locally. Every City Council budget has been balanced during my tenure. 
I will continue to vote to control the City's long term costs to ensure a sustainable fiscal future.