Community leaders and neighbors are supporting Ray Mueller

Rich Cline with wife Julie and their three children
Ray Mueller has exemplified the best attributes of a community representative in his time as a Menlo Park City Councilmember. He tirelessly advocates for the betterment of the community and the improved quality of life for any and all people in our town. We need leaders like Ray who we know will continue to work and grind for a better future for Menlo Park. Please re-elect Ray Mueller to Menlo Park City Council.
Rich Cline, Menlo Park Mayor

Kirsten Keith with husband John and their dog Ginger
It's an absolute pleasure serving with Ray Mueller. Working collaboratively with community members and fellow council members, Ray has shown true leadership while promoting environmental sustainability, creating innovative public policy, and by moving critical development projects forward.
Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park Vice Mayor

Peter Ohtaki with wife Julie and their three children
Ray Mueller is a great colleague, teammate, and leader on the City Council. He cares deeply and works hard to find solutions to residents' concerns. From his commitment to fiscal discipline to his proactive public outreach, Ray is moving Menlo Park forward toward a vibrant future.
Peter Ohtaki, Menlo Park Councilmember

Nadine anf Brian Flegel with their child
Ray Mueller has been a leader in Menlo Park working to create a more vibrant downtown. As Mayor, Ray led efforts to expand outdoor dining and create more community events for families, such as the Holiday Tree lighting. Menlo Park needs Ray's vision for the future. Please re-elect Ray Mueller to Menlo Park City Council.
Brian Flegel, Former Chamber of Commerce Board Member

Katie and Rich Ferrick with their two sons
When neighborhoods and families in Menlo Park have faced challenges, Ray Mueller has consistently listened and done the hard work necessary to gain results that matter to us. From sidewalks to bike lanes, to protecting our residential neighborhoods, Ray is always on the side of families and public safety. Our family is proud to support Ray Mueller for Menlo Park City Council.
Katie Ferrick, Former Chair of Menlo Park Planning Commission

Warren Slocum and his wife Maria Diaz Slocum
What I appreciate most about Ray Mueller is how hard he works to help people in need who might not otherwise have access to government. He is genuine and compassionate; he listens to people, works to solve their problems, and most importantly, he gets results.
Warren Slocum, President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Carolina, Cristina and Claudia Lopez
Our family has lived in Belle Haven for over 30 years. Ray Mueller is a breathe of fresh air. Since Ray Mueller was elected to City Council, he has been with us, on our streets, in our living rooms, in our schools, even in our churches. It's known in Belle Haven, if you have a problem you can call Ray personally. Ray Mueller is our Councilmember. We ask you to please re-elect Ray Mueller to Menlo Park City Council, for Belle Haven, for Menlo Park.
Claudia Lopez, Life-long Menlo Park resident

Judy Clendenin and Jim Clendenin
Ray Mueller's support and coordination of the efforts of residents of Santa Cruz Avenue and the nearby neighborhoods to put sidewalks and buffered bike lanes on Santa Cruz Avenue between Hillview Middle School and downtown was crucial to the City's recent decision to fund the project for construction this year. The result is expected to be a safer route to and from school for students and also will encourage more local residents to walk to and from downtown.
Jim Clendenin, Menlo Park Historical Association

Alexa and Drew Combs with their new child
Ray Mueller has consistently demonstrated a commitment to listening to residents and making sure their voices are heard when it comes to issues facing Menlo Park. Our family endorses Ray Mueller for Menlo Park City Council!
Drew Combs, Menlo Park Planning Commissioner

Carol and Chris Thomsen of Menlo Park
Ray has our vote. Carol and I are grateful for Ray's service to Menlo Park. In Carol's opening of a new preschool in east Menlo Park and in my own work on Sequoia Union High School Board, we both have called on Ray for help with community issues. Positive in his approach, thoughtful and accessible, Ray has proven that he's super effective for our community.
Chris Thomsen, Sequoia Union High School District Trustee

Nikki and Eric Sokol with their two kids
We're supporting Ray Mueller for City Council because he has worked tirelessly on the projects and issues that are important to our family, like vibrancy for our downtown and safe routes to schools. Ray engages extensively with the community and is always looking for ways to find common ground among people with different viewpoints. He is utterly devoted to our community and making Menlo Park the best it can be.
Nikki Sokol, Menlo Park Resident

Laurie Sobol and Chris Pfistner
Ray is a true leader in helping to make streets safe for kids in Menlo Park and in unincorporated Menlo Park. He always takes the time to listen, and has helped residents navigate the complicated jurisdictional issues in Menlo Park, and unincorporated Menlo Park. He has facilitated dialogue and solutions between Menlo Park City Council, the County Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff and the local schools. Ray's "door" is always open for discussion, and he always follows up. Our family is proud to support Ray Mueller for Menlo Park City Council.
Chris Pfistner, Menlo Park Resident

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